Moisture Management

Building science case studies are educating Maine home builders on the importance of properly managing moisture in new building construction. It is unsettling that practices considered acceptable for many years are now being questioned as ineffective and even potentially damaging regarding proper moisture management. Our goals for moisture management are: To prohibit bulk moisture from entering … Read More


Unpredictable energy costs have made concerned Maine home builders seek better performing insulation alternatives to the traditional fiberglass batt insulation which had been prevalent for many years. We feel an option that balances cost and performance well is the “OPTIMA” blown-in blanket system. Manufactured by CertainTeed and installed locally by R.L. Garside Insulation Contractor, “OPTIMA” is … Read More

Wall Sealing

          Building science case studies have shown Maine home builders the importance of wall sealing to prevent air infiltration into the building envelope. Reducing air infiltration is as important as adding additional insulation as a strategy for improving energy performance. Additionally, leaky wall assemblies can be prone to condensation and water damage (mildew, … Read More

The Wall System: Balancing Efficiency & Cost

Building science case studies have shown Maine home builders the importance of building structures which limit air infiltration and properly manage moisture. This entails sealing the building envelope to prevent unconditioned air and moisture from entering the wall system from the exterior, while at the same time limiting moisture from the interior from entering the wall … Read More