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A Cure for Thermal Bridging

We have utilized several strategies to combat thermal bridging. The heat loss transfer occurs through the connection between conditioned and unconditioned space by framing lumber.

We have recently utilized a relatively new product is the ZIP R-Sheathing from Huber Wood, the Advantech floor/wall/roof sheathing maker. ZIP R-Sheathing combines the popular ZIP System sheathing and continuous foam insulation available in 1″, including 1/2″ R-3.3 foam and 1-1/2″ 1″ R-6.6 foam.

The ZIP R-Sheathing advantages are a one-step installation of wall sheathing and foam envelope insulation, tight to weather walls as soon as the proprietary “ZIP” tape has been installed on the seams, and a reasonable balance of cost to build and energy efficiency. We will definitely use the ZIP R-Sheathing again on upcoming projects and recommend it as a consideration for your future new home construction project.

We have recently utilized another new product for the first time is “ZIP System Liquid Flash.” It is a liquid flashing material for sealing sheathing seams and preparing window and door openings. It is applied with a caulk gun and plastic spreader. The applied product is durable and looks to improve some previously widely used weather management techniques. Wear rubber gloves!