The Wall System: Balancing Efficiency & Cost

Building science case studies have shown Maine home builders the importance of building structures which limit air infiltration and properly manage moisture. This entails sealing the building envelope to prevent unconditioned air and moisture from entering the wall system from the exterior, while at the same time limiting moisture from the interior from entering the wall … Read More

Energy-Efficient House Framing

Maine home builders utilizing Optimum Value Engineered (OVE) house framing practices achieve several goals. We help to control costs and benefit the environment by reducing the amount of lumber required to build the structure.  Our current project “Winkumpaugh Cottage” is modestly sized at 20′ x 24.’ However, we estimate that we are saving over 600 linear … Read More

Winkumpaugh Cottage

We are Maine home builders currently building a guest house on a rural site while architectural plans are being completed for the future primary residence. Our challenge and our goal are to utilize energy-efficient materials and construction methods that best balance performance and budget. This “Winkumpaugh Cottage” will employ many of the same energy-efficient construction practices as … Read More

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