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Energy-efficient Construction

No matter what house style, no matter what budget, energy-efficient building techniques should be utilized to enhance ongoing home energy performance. The following photograph of a current project in New Gloucester, Maine, highlights a few details that will have a dramatic positive effect regarding how comfortable this house will be, as well as less expensive to heat.

Intersecting wall framing techniques that allow full insulation to be installed in the outside wall cavity eliminates an area of potential thermal transfer from conditioned to unconditioned space. Insulated window and door header assemblies with continuous rigid foam insulation. Wall corner construction that allows our blown-in insulation to fully insulate this often neglected area 

Even though we utilize foam sill seal gasket between the sill plate and foundation wall, we also caulk this seam with silicone caulk. We will foam seal all sheathing panel edges as well as both sides of any wall stud where two panels meet and at the top and bottom plate. It only takes advanced planning, a little extra time, and a few cans of DOW Pro foam to make a big difference.