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Fiber-Cement Siding: Worth Considering for Your New Home

If you are interested in durable, low maintenance, clean finished look for your new home construction project, Fiber-Cement siding is an excellent choice to consider. It is available in horizontal lap, vertical panel shakes, and trim. It is a green product known for durability and beauty. A wide variety of factory-applied finish colors are available, which will remain beautiful long beyond a typical site-applied finish product.

We have utilized CertainTeed “WEATHERBOARDS” horizontal lap siding on a recent project and have specified it again for several upcoming projects as well. In addition to all of the previously stated benefits, “Weatherboards” has an industry-leading realistic wood grain appearance as well.

Proper installation techniques are critical when utilizing fiber-cement siding. A drainage plane should be incorporated into the wall system to ensure that moisture can not be absorbed into the siding’s backside. Industry best practice techniques should be followed for flashing, sealing, and bulk moisture management.

As an added benefit, Fiber-Cement costs compare favorably to other available siding choices. I look forward to exploring with you how Fiber-Cement siding could be a good consideration for your new home project. Contact us for more information.