A cure for thermal bridging

We have utilized a number of strategies to combat thermal bridging, the heat loss/transfer that occurs through the connection between conditioned and un-conditioned space by framing lumber. A relatively new product that we have recently utilized is the ZIP R-Sheathing from Huber Wood the maker of Advantech floor/wall/roof sheathing. ZIP R-Sheathing combines the popular ZIP System … Read More

Blower Door Test Update #2

A second blower door test was recently conducted on our current new home construction project. This test was done after the completion of insulation installation to ensure that we had sealed the shell adequately. Our initial test result was 1.89 ACH/50 prior to air sealing and insulation completion. The second test result was 1.62ACH/50. My first reaction was of … Read More

Update on Blower Door Testing

I had previously written about Blower Door Testing to measure how well a completed home is air sealed (which is now a requirement in some of the communities that we build new homes in as a condition to receiving a certificate of occupancy). Recently, we performed a blower door test on a new house that … Read More

Make up air in tight house construction

New home builders in Maine have often included dedicated make up air supply for fireplace and wood stove locations, but as houses get tighter and tighter in an effort to conserve energy, make up air for other devices that exhaust air from the building envelope such as kitchen exhaust fans should be considered. Unfortunately however, the … Read More