Update on Blower Door Testing

I had previously written about Blower Door Testing to measure how well a completed home is air sealed. It is now a requirement in some of the communities that we build new homes in as a condition to receiving a certificate of occupancy. We recently performed a blower door test on a new house that we … Read More

Make Up Air in Tight House Construction

New home builders in Maine have often included dedicated make up air supply for fireplace and wood stove locations, but as houses get tighter to conserve energy, make up air for other devices that exhaust air from the building envelope, like kitchen exhaust fans, should be considered. Unfortunately, however, these items’ manufacturers are not typically prepared with … Read More

Blower Door Testing

As Maine home builders strive to enhance energy efficiency in new home construction, blower door testing is being utilized as a valuable tool to measure how effective we are at air sealing to eliminate unconditioned air from entering the building envelope A Simple Concept With all windows, doors, and other pathways for outside air to … Read More

Geo-Thermal Heating in Maine

We are currently working on a project utilizing a ground sourced Geo-Thermal Heat Pump HVAC system. I am a big fan of these systems. They are unmatched for the efficiency of operation. Geosystems are about 400% efficient as compared to the best LP systems, which are about 95% efficient. In other words, for every dollar of energy purchased to … Read More