Energy-efficient Construction

No matter what house style, no matter what budget, energy-efficient building techniques should be utilized to enhance ongoing home energy performance. The following photograph of a current project in New Gloucester, Maine, highlights a few details that will have a dramatic positive effect regarding how comfortable this house will be, as well as less expensive to heat. Intersecting wall … Read More

Build New Houses Tight!

I sometimes hear people say things like, “new houses today are being built too tight.” I might share this opinion if I were a home heating fuel salesman, but as a Maine home builder with a focus on saving my customers money through energy-efficient construction, I say that it is better to understand building science, specifically moisture … Read More

Fiber-Cement Siding: Worth Considering for Your New Home

If you are interested in durable, low maintenance, clean finished look for your new home construction project, Fiber-Cement siding is an excellent choice to consider. It is available in horizontal lap, vertical panel shakes, and trim. It is a green product known for durability and beauty. A wide variety of factory-applied finish colors are available, which … Read More

Energy Efficient Wall Construction

There are many choices to consider in wall construction design that will be energy efficient and provide homeowners with a comfortable home economical to heat. But which is the best balance of performance and cost to build? We have been utilizing a method that combines advanced framing techniques, insulated sheathing, diligent wall sealing, and high-performance, blown-in … Read More

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