Radon Resistant Construction

A requirement of the new Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code (MUBEC) is Radon Resistant construction techniques. Radon, a soil gas that is prevalent throughout Maine has been linked to lung cancer. We have previously partnered with the EPA to incorporate Radon resistant construction techniques in all new construction and believe that including it in the new … Read More

New Energy Codes in Maine

In an effort to achieve conformity throughout the state, Maine has adopted the “Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code.” These new energy codes are now in effect in many cities and towns and will be enacted statewide by July 1, 2012. We welcome these new energy codes. We have always had a strong focus on energy efficiency … Read More

Advanced Building Materials

As advancements are made in building material development, quality home builders must continue to remain educated regarding construction methods and techniques that work in synergy with these advanced building materials to eliminate potential future problems. An excellent article by Building Science Corporation explores this topic in detail and can be found here.